the pink chihuahua

the pink chihuahua

Some of our cocktails contain seasonal foraged ingredients which means they are best enjoyed now as they won’t be around for long…

Amaretto Sour

Smooth, almondy and loads of fun. 

Amaretto, Lemon, Egg White


The classic gin sipper with floral & citrus flavour. It tastes as vibrant as it looks. 

Gin, Maraschino Liqueur, Crème de Violette,  Lemon, Cherry 

Bourbon Old Fashioned

A classy Kentucky bourbon with a high rye content and aged for 6 years

Bulleit, Bitters, Sugar

Elderflower Lady

Luscious, smooth and utterly deserved. 

Gin, Elderflower, Lemon, Egg White

Mai Tai

Rum flavoured Tiki joy

Diplomatico Rum,Orgeat Syrup, Lime Juice, Triple Sec


Strong, bitter and completely moreish

Gin, Vermouth, Campari

Pink Chihuahua

A little snapper than looks cute but packs a little bite

Tequila, Lemon & Lime Juice, Orgeat Syrup, Egg White, Grenadine


A classic French Aperitif. Bitter & vegetal in flavour

Bitters, Lemon Juice, Lemon Wedge, Tonic

Gather Garden

Long, sweet, bubbly and fun

Prosecco, elderflower cordial and gin 


All 25ml

Beefeater Gin, Lime Wedge

Hendrick’s Gin, Cucumber

Monkey 47 Gin, Lime, Orange Peel


All 25ml

Grey Goose



All 25ml

Havana 3 Year

Sailor Jerry

Diplomatico Mantuano

Beer & Cider

New Lion Brewery Totnes

Pandit - Pale Ale 4.9% 500ml

Mane Event - Bitter 3.8% 500ml

Many Hands Brewery Dunkeswell

Herd - Milk Stout 4.5% 330ml

The Tribe - Raspberry Red Ale 4.5% 330ml

Barnaby’s Brewhouse - Staverton

Pilsener 4.8% 330ml

Dunkel 4.8% 330ml

Green Tomato Saison 6% 330ml

Ashridge Cider Totnes

Organic Dry 6.5% 330ml

Elderflower 4.5% 500ml


Brew Dog Nanny State .05%

Soft Drinks

Coke/Diet Coke/7up

Fever Tree

Sparkling Water

Still Water

Ashridge Organic

Fresh Orange Juice