Gather was created by three friends - Harrison, Declan & Oli.

They met whilst studying at Exeter College.

Skills taught there.

Passion fuelled there.

Careers begun there.

They are joined by Evie (another Exeter College and Michael Caines Academy alumni).

We believe this blend of youth and experience will ensure Gather will delight you and take you on a journey through the edible seasons.


The Restaurant

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Gather is a Devonian fine dining experience. Our larder is the shoreline, fields, hedgerows and produce of artisan farmers & growers of the region. We live the Gather name. From here, on Fore Street in Totnes, we create dishes that are contemporary and modern but with roots firmly in the classic gastronomic tradition.

With a focus on the less favoured and under used cuts of meat and forgotten fruits & vegetables from the hedgerows and fish and seafood from the shorelines and rivers of Devon we believe we can create a regional style of cooking on a par with any of the finest French, Spanish and Italian giants.  

With the bounty around us Devon can sit proudly alongside any of these. The land and the sea inspires us. It was on a walk over Dartmoor that Gather took its first breath.

Gather is a team. Gather is a larder. Gather is an experience.

Gather is Devon.